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Your contributions have made a big impact: Fall ’23 Awards announced

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Every semester, Friends of the Humanities provides humanities professors at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette with grants. Your contributions have empowered them to give their students opportunities that would not otherwise be possible. Here’s how donations from our members have made an impact.

$7,549 in grants went to the College of the Arts for the Fall 2023 semester. Marty Aikens, a professor of Theater and Dance, was awarded $1,550 to buy a large format printer. Anne Bujold, who teaches Sculpture, was awarded $1,000 towards purchasing an air compressor. Yeon Choi was awarded $1,126 to buy 60 stylus pens for students in Animation. Daniel DiCaprio was awarded $1,000 for a visiting artist’s honorarium. Sarah Young, an Architecture and Design professor, was awarded $904 for specialty papers and materials.

Friends of the Humanities provided the College of Liberal Arts with $5,379 in grants this semester. Virgile Beddok, who teaches Moving Image Arts, received $968 for camera, lighting, and sound equipment. Conni Castille, also a professor of Moving Image Arts, was awarded $963 for 2 viewfinder kits for 4K cameras. Dr. Lisa Graley was awarded $105 to buy 5 DVDs for humanities and English classes. Dr. Mark Honegger was awarded $60 to buy a book for language courses for non-native English speakers. Dr. John Laudun was awarded $284 to purchase storytelling materials for Folklore classes. Geoffrey Marschall, a professor of Moving Image Arts, was awarded $1,001 for equipment and materials for editing and videography classes. Dr. Henk Rossouw was awarded $599 as an honorarium for a visiting author as part of the Deep South Festival of Writers. Dr. David Squires was awarded $1000 as an honorarium for the subject of a documentary about his wrongful conviction. The Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, Dr. Jordan Kellman, was awarded an additional $5,000 to assist with faculty travel and conference registration fees.

Several fundraising events are upcoming: Jazz With Friends will be held on April 23, and the Friends of the Humanities Spring Luncheon and Annual Meeting will be on May 5. Thank you for your continued support and generosity.

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