The Friends of the Humanities offer two grants to UL Humanities professors. The Friends of the Humanities Founder’s Award highlights outstanding educators in the Colleges of Arts and Liberal Arts. FOH Grants provide instructors with the resources to bring the humanities to life in their classrooms.

Friends of the Humanities Grants

A Friends grant allowed a faculty member to purchase books for a Japanese literature course.
A Friends grant allowed a faculty member to purchase DVDs for an Asian American literature course.

Friends of the Humanities Grants provide funding for either humanities classroom instructional materials or humanities course enhancement. Humanities course enhancement ranges from guest speakers to performances to the development of new courses at UL. FOH Grants seek to provide instructors with a way to engage students with the humanities.

Requirements and application information

Fall 2022 Grant Recipients

  • Leslie Barry (Liberal Arts)
  • Virgile Beddok (Liberal Arts)
  • Anna Bujold (Arts)
  • Conni Castille (Liberal Arts)
  • Yeon Choi (Arts)
  • Daniel DiCaprio (Arts)
  • Jordan D. Kellman (Liberal Arts)
  • Tamara Lindner (Liberal Arts)
  • Geoffrey Marschall (Liberal Arts)
  • Ana Mouvis (Arts)
  • Stephanie Paine (Arts)
  • Nathan Rabalais (Liberal Arts)
  • Henk Rossouw (Liberal Arts)
  • Benjamin Yates (Arts)
  • Janelle Zetty (Dupre Library)
  • LouAnne Greenwald (Hillard Museum)

Friends of the Humanities Founders Award

Ian Kinsella received the first Founders Award in 2014.

The Friends of the Humanities Founder’s Award is in honor of the founders of the Friends of the Humanities. The award is in the amount of $500.00 and is granted each spring to a faculty member in the area of the interdisciplinary humanities who best exemplifies the vision of the founders to support excellence in interdisciplinary humanities teaching and research. The award is offered in alternating years with the College of Liberal Arts (even years) and to the College of the Arts (odd years).

Founder’s Award Recipients

  • 2014 – Ian P. Kinsella (Liberal Arts)
  • 2015 – Susanna Garcia (Arts)
  • 2016 – Liz Skelton (Liberal Arts)
  • 2017 – Daniel DiCaprio (Arts)
  • 2018 – Randy Gonzales (Liberal Arts)
  • 2019 – Loie Boudreau (Liberal Arts)
  • 2020 – Allison Leigh (Arts)
  • 2022 – TBA