Friends Offers Grants to Faculty!

Throughout our history, we Friends of the Humanities have striven to do our part in helping those in the field bring about their best work. A little money can go a long way, so we’re proud to offer grants to faculty working in the humanities! The Grants page provides an overview of how we support faculty. Here I will try to answer common questions you may have. If you still have further questions, then don’t hesitate to contact us via any of the methods shown at the bottom of the page!

We offer grants on a per-semester basis, with the intention of enabling humanities professors to better present and pass on their knowledge to students. We fund enhanced classroom materials. We fund guest speakers and performances. And more. If you’d like to apply, you can read more on our Grants page, or fill out the application and send it back to us via email!

We currently offer this grant to UL Humanities professors. Those are the only limitations; any professor in the College of the Arts or the College of the Liberal Arts at UL Lafayette is welcome to apply!

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